How to install Python on Windows

Python is very popular language these days. Major projects are now being built in the Python language. If you are also going to learn python, then its perfect time and it’s the perfect website for you. Here we will discuss Python tutorial for Beginners. For every language to be learn, first it should be install into your system.  So first step is how to install Python on window.  So here we will discuss or see the steps that we can follow and can install python on windows.


It’s very easy to install the python on windows. You can follow below steps to install python on Windows.


Steps to install Python on Windows

  • Download Python: First Step is to download the python software. We can download the python executable from python official website which is . We can go to official site and can see the latest python version. Currently it is Python 3.7.2, so we will download that version.

If we are downloading python for Windows, then we have to select the windows Operating, as highlighted below:

In the coming screen, we can download the Python 3.7.2 by clicking on the link shown below

  • After clicking the link, Python executable will start downloading.
  • After finishing the download, we will go to the location where we have download the Python executable. And double click on it. and click next , next, its simple steps to install Python on windows. After successful you will get following screen:

We can click close button to finished the steps.

Now we have successfully installed Python on Windows. Now we need to test and run the Python to see whether Python is installed successfully or not. for this we will find the python on windows.   This is old screen shot when I installed Python 3.6 into my system. you will see Python 3.7 in your system.  click on it.

After clicking Python command prompt will open. we will see python command prompt. In the command prompt we will see the Python version on the first line.

Congrats ! we have successfully installed Python on windows and now we are ready to write python programs.

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