Use of Python hex() function with example

In this Python online tutorial series, we will study one of the Python built-in functions,Which is Python hex() function.

Use of hex() function in Python

Hex() function is used to convert the integer number to its hexadecimal value.


Syntax of hex() function



  • hex is function name.
  • x is parameter to hex function.
  • x is variable whose hexadecimal value need to be calculated.


Examples of hex() function

below are the few example to illustrate the use of hex function.

# Python hex function example


print("hexadecimal value of",number1,"is:",hex(number1))


hexadecimal value of 25 is: 0x19


  • In above example, number1 is integer having value 25.
  • when we apply hex() function on number1, it gave us hexadecimal value which is 0x19.